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Venus Retrograde (7/22-9/3): Are You Happy Yet?

Venus begins her retrograde cycle on July 22nd and will remain in Leo until August 6th, when she retrogrades back into Cancer. This can be a tricky time, as we have to review the power struggles we find ourselves in when we engage with another. In Leo this looks like overstepping our bounds, not being sensitive to another’s feelings and needs and sputtering “my way or the highway’ kind of ultimatums. In Cancer, this looks like noticing how not speaking your truth or feelings creates a victim mentality where you feel like you are being used or are not being cherished.

On August 23rd, Mercury will also begin a retrograde cycle, from Leo, and we will notice how we can use words to argue or exaggerate, or to avoid conflict. Any form of controlling another person, whether its through silence, or commands is not in integrity with your heart. Your heart wants to connect to another through the truth of both of your feelings and that is only possible when you tune into how you actually feel and own that. You can share those feelings with the other person or you can project, blame and justify poor behavior. It is really up to you, and me, and we.

Traversing the Gandanta: Between Cancer and Leo lies the Gandanta, a karmic knot that lies in the last degree of Cancer and 1st degree of Leo, and due to Retrograde cycle, we will be passing through with Venus 3 times this summer/fall. She already passed in to Leo on 7/7, and on August 6th, she travels back into Cancer and then returns to Leo 10/1-11/2. At these junctures, we are asked to work with the energy of the two nakshatras Aslesha and Magha. Aslesha is sometimes referred to as the “clinging star” and is at the end of Cancer. Magha is the star of the ancestors and is the beginning of Leo. When we move forward, the planet needs to release what it is tightly gripping and find remembrance for the link of life that is passed to us through our predecessors. When Venus goes back through this portal, we are reminded again of what we held onto and why. In relationships this is often a feeling of love that we once had or experienced. We need to remember that gripping on to something kills it, rather than nurtures it. We may find ourselves reckoning with past partners or lovers or finding ourselves repeating similar patterns in relationships that we have been through before….

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