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My Story

Aloha! I have been on a path paved in ancient Indian wisdom since I first began babbling about reincarnation as a small child.


This deepened as I began practicing yoga asana. After spending time in Mother India herself, and having the good fortune to study one-on-one with a dedicated master, my yogic awareness expanded to meditation, mantra and the deities as portals of consciousness.


As time moved forward, I became steeped in the mythology, tantra, and began to study Ayurveda and how it interweaves with yoga. That was when I awakened to Jyotish (the Science of Light), aka Vedic Astrology. Raised with Western (tropical) Astrology from childhood, I was fascinated with the depth, accuracy and timing of Jyotish. Everything lit up and suddenly made sense. The relationship between the sister sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda & and Jyotish and how they work together to bring balance to each individual on their path came full circle. The cosmological significance of many of the myths became seamless as did my visceral understanding that "being aligned" is really knowing, doing and being in the right place at the right time.


My time and place on the path is to share this alignned knowing with you.

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