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Rahu in Pisces, Ketu in Virgo (11/28/23-5/29/25) Part 1

Part 1: Rahu in Pisces: The Dream is Real

The Nodes are changing signs November 28th, 2023 for the next year and a half! We are collectively moving our focus from fire to water. The Nodes of the Moon are the eclipse points; mathematically calculated points in space and time where the Sun, Moon & Earth will line up for eclipses. Rahu is the North node, airy, hyper-focused, yet scattered. Rahu is smoky and full of illusion; he brings us into the world with grandiose vision and little wisdom. It is where we are learning something new, opening the next wave of karma and allowing ourselves to go all in without a plan. Lacking a body, Rahu is where we have difficulty assimilating our experiences and often make mistakes and have to learn through trial and error.

The last year and a half Rahu has been in Aries, bringing magnification to ourselves; our self-focused vision and our courage to begin. While Rahu’s airy spray can send the fire in all directions, we have continued to try again and again to move forward in this area of our life. Whichever area of your life Aries rules, this will be where you have been excessively focused.

The Nodes move backwards, indicating something very interesting about how our karma rolls, compared to our lives. As Rahu exits Aries and moves in to the last degree of Pisces, we are crossing what is called a Gandanta point. This is a karmic knot that lies between Water and Fire signs, where we get stuck and there is nothing to carry us across. None of the nakshatras bridges the two, as they do when we cross from all the other constellations. Normally we cross this point forward moving with a planet that rules something in our chart. Rahu is not embodied, yet he is compelled to focus on a future vision or dream and draw us into his spell. This particular Gandanta is one of final surrender into oneness, back into embodied soul. Because Rahu is moving backwards, he is crossing from the place of greater embodiment and self-focus, into the waters of Pisces where we want to merge and surrender our will.

Pisces is the place where we no longer even need religion or rules to connect with Source; we are erasing all the lines that divide us and organize us. With the airy and sometimes frantic energy of Rahu here we can expect to feel a strong desire to escape reality. Visions, dreams and astral travel will become of great interest, as well as spiritual tools to release ourselves of this man-made reality. This can be a time of great advancement in our relationship to time and space and matter, but it can also be a time of great escape and delusion. Both Rahu and Pisces are masters of illusion and it can be easy to think we have arrived before we have even left the dock. Discernment in what we are imbibing both physically and mentally will be crucial, and lacking. Addictions, fantasies, and also trust in intuition or messages will all be heightened. So will the potential that the messages are not coming from a grounded place or Source, but from confusion and a lack of awareness.

The house that Pisces rules in your chart (based on your sidereal Rising Sign) is the area of life you will become most fixated on. It will not be smooth, as Rahu likes to learn from trial and error, but it will be what you want to do. Join the Live Discussion w/ Radha Wednesday, November 22nd at 11 am HT (1 pm PST) or watch the replay to find out what area of your life you are shifting your focus on for the next year and a half! Join or watch “Rahu in Pisces, Ketu in Virgo for all 12 Signs” by signing up for "Cosmically Aligned" with a one week Free Trial!

Rahu through the Nakshatras of Pisces:

Rahu in Revati (16’40-30’00): 11/28/23-7/5/2024

Revati is the “Wealthy” and indicates the final walk home to peace. Ruled by Pushan, the shepherd, he ushers us to our greatest sense of oneness and unity, with all that is. This peaceful nakshatra will feel like a cool dip after the jump from Ashwini’s fiery energy, but also perhaps like a fizzling out at first. As we begin to focus less on what we want, and more on how to release our attachments, we may find some of what we have created unwinding or shapeshifting into something new. Our selfish desires being put to the wayside, as we seek peace above all else. Be mindful that as we can “follow the leader” here, we may look up and realize that we are not walking with the right crowd. There can be many people telling you they will take you home, but only your true relationship to Source can actually fully guide you there.

Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada (3’20-16’40): 7/5/2024-2/24/25

This star is taking us into the depths of our soul, so that we may know ourselves fully and truly. The final walk to peace is only possible by the final plunge into the waters of the serpent of the deep. Our subconscious realm is fraught with fantasy, illusion and fears and we need to come to a place where we can face all that is not true, as much as what is. The fragments of our unprocessed experiences need to be merged with our Consciousness, so that we may be whole. Rahu can give us many stops and starts on this journey and exaggerate both what feels good and what feels bad. To learn to sit with our emotions, before moving on to the next thing, is the holy grail.

Rahu in Purva Bhadrapada (0’00-3’20): 2/24/25-5/29/25

Here we are just arriving on the scene, having our first glimpses that we are spirit wearing a body and playing a game called “life”. We are one step in the tangible reality we came from, and one in the new reality that nothing is real. Since we are coming in backwards with Rahu, we are here to remind ourselves that just because we stepped a foot beyond the door, doesn’t mean we are done on the material plane yet. We have work to do. We must pay it forward. This star is symbolized by a two-faced man, he can see both the past and the future, he can see both the material and the spiritual realms and sometimes he gets confused as to where he is and what he is attesting to. The one-footed goat, Aja Ekapada who rules this star reminds us that everything can change in an instant, if we are paying attention and allow the inspiration to hit.

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