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Full Moon in Rohini: Devotion & Desire

Our Moon will be Full, directly across from the Sun at 11:16 pm HT on Sunday, November 26th (1:16 am PST 11/27). This Full Moon is happening in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted in her highest light. Here we are grounded, caring for our bodies and in sync with the Earth rhythm, allowing our mind and emotional state to feel calm and safe. The nakshatra Rohini is “the growing one’, the rosy red maiden, the fertility of the earth and living in harmony with our desires. Rohini is the star that brings up jealousy in her 26 sister stars, for her youth and beauty make her irresistible. She shows us what we are longing for, as well as what we can be when we fully inhabit our own desires without notice of how others see us, or the agenda of trying to make what we want fit into the plans of others. The freedom to be completely ourselves and trust that space will be made around our edges and curves as we blossom.

Across the way from her sister Jyestha, the eldest, we can be sure there is someone somewhere eyeing us savoring our lives with jealousy, and rest assured, sometimes that person is you, or me. This is the paradox that many don’t want to understand b/c it’s easier to be identified with and name oneself “all one thing”, rather than receive with awe the complexity of all that we really are. We are all of it, and this moment is one to illuminate the opposite energy of the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, where we can be wildly emotional, suspicious, controlling and also devotional and loyal. Because both the Sun and Mars use their fiery, masculine energies in Scorpio to fight the inner battles and shine the light on the shadows, we have the opportunity to allow that work happening in one area of our life (whatever house Scorpio is in your sidereal chart) to free us up to enjoy comfort and ease in the opposite area of life (that which Taurus rules).

The star of Anuradha, where the Sun and Mars is located in is a devotional star. It shows how by following the path of Radha we are able to bow down before God/Spirit/Source and trust that our love is all we need to be ok. This is an important thing to reflect upon because Scorpio is often quite willful and has a desire to control others in an attempt to keep ourselves safe. When we open up our hearts to trust that by following love and our deepest desires we will be ok, we are saying ‘Yes’ to something much bigger than the small desires of the ego along the way that we want to ‘manifest’.

May your desires be embodied, may your love for that which is life be unshakeable, and may you trust yourself on your way.

Happy Full Moon!

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