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Venus in Libra (11/29-12/24) : Connection & Desire

Venus is blooming in her own sign of Libra right now, bringing some much needed relief to the planet of our happiness, love, relationships and appreciation for beauty. It has been since May that Venus has been in a constellation that supports our ability to be harmonious with the others around us, so if your relationships have been experiencing some difficulty then now is a chance to come back together on common ground.

Libra is the masculine energy of Venus; it is where we go out in the world and make things beautiful, create romance, socialize, and design scenarios that work for everyone. Manners and how we are viewed by others is important. We use the air element to reason and compromise, as opposed to digging in our heals or attaching to our emotions. This is Venus’ own sign, so our relationships relax in this comfortable environment. We feel sensual, beautiful and desire romantic interplay. We are more willing to let things go in disagreements than certainly we have been, and we can focus on how to be happy more than on being right.

Across the way with Jupiter still Retrograde in Aries exchanging glances with Venus, we are feeling some fires still burning beneath the surface. Self-righteousness may be high and some tinges of the hurt that we believe others have caused us. Can we let it go to make peace? Absolutely. But will we actually be over it? Not likely at all. The odds are that we are not fully being transparent and vulnerable in our relations right now and when Venus shifts into Scorpio on 12/24 (or even just on this coming New Moon) we may find ourselves pointing our stinger at those we believe have done us wrong. If we are wise, we will use this time of relative harmony to have the difficult conversations in an open and engaged way where both parties desire connection.

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