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Full Moon in Shravana: Listen, Learn, Live

On Tuesday, August 1st at 8:31 am Hawaii time (11:31 am PDT) the Moon will be directly across from our Sun in Capricorn in the star of Shravana. Symbolized by an ear, Shravana is the star of listening carefully. It’s meaning is ‘to acquire knowledge’ and the root ‘sru’ means “to hear”. Here we are capable of listening deeper, beneath the surface of what is often heard in words, sounds and resonance. Ruled by Vishnu, it is in this star that we can make profound connections.

Right across from our Sun in Cancer, where we began this New Moon cycle two weeks ago, we are being shown the reflection in Capricorn of humility, hard work and survival. It is all fine and good to wallow in our feelings, but now is our reminder that we also have to get things done in the outside world to take care of our responsibilities. As this is a different house in each of our’s chart, a different area of your life will be highlighted. To find out what is being highlighted in your life, check out the Forecast for all 12 Signs at the link in comments.

At this moment we have Venus Retrograde, Mercury and Mars all holding court in Leo, creating a royal build-up of energy. We may be a bit feisty right now, and in the face of all this humbling work we could turn to pouting. With the ruler of Leo, the Sun, in Cancer and Venus heading back in that direction, we are likely to still feel like we are giving a lot for what little we demand of others. The key? Find a better way to communicate. Perhaps instead of demands we can make requests, and be sure to acknowledge all we feel gratitude for that the other has done.

For our own part, we can treat ourselves like the kings and queens we know we deserve to be, as well as the nourishment that is being called for by our Sun in Pushya. Create small acts of self-pampering, in addition to serving others. Make a grand meal for one or two, put on something sparkly to wear or just take a bath with essential oil and a lit candle. We can take little measures to fill our need to feel special while we also can be aware of what practical measures we need to be taking in our outer lives.

Saturn Retrograde is across the way from this stellium in Aquarius, creating some inner fear and worry about the greater community, big issues affecting us all, the economy and our own place in the world. Our responsibilities, as well as potential problems our ever looming over us, reminding us that outer baubles and displays of power are little in the face of the true insecurities that hold our hearts.

Jupiter loosely joined by Rahu is also in dristhi to Venus, Mercury and Mars in Leo. Particularly Mars is in almost exact degrees from Jupiter during this Full Moon. We are really feeling the righteousness of our actions right now, especially for what we love, and the courage to do what we feel needs to be done. We also may be swayed a little by rose-colored glasses as Mars is both passionate and courageous in Leo, but in the star of Purva Phalguni can also be distracted easily by the easy way out, pleasure and pretty faces.

Happy Full Moon!

To Read what area of your life this Full Moon is highlighting for you, go to this week’s “Forecast for all 12 Signs” !

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