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Venus in Leo (7/7-8/6 & 10/1-11/2): Fire & Ice

Venus, who, like Mars, has also been in Cancer since May 30th, is now in Leo. We may feel suddenly more empowered in our relationships…and also a bit more demanding. The silent suffering of her time in Cancer, where we feel used and under-appreciated can transition into “taking back our power” in big, bold moves that unfortunately, can fail to inspire others to do our bidding.

With Mars already here, our relationships are about to catch on fire. With icy Saturn Retrograde across the way, we may be experiencing some inner doubt, particularly around our commitments and boundaries, but we are not likely to take time to dwell in our fears right now. Jupiter is giving a one way gaze from Aries that is fueling our righteousness, so beware in “discussions”!

One thing to remember with transits is they are happening to everyone. So, your partner is also feeling their power, or lack thereof and subsequent need to assert it. One remedy is more romantic interplay. Venus in Leo is affectionate, playful, magnanimous and has a hearty appetite for love. While we do love attention from the masses here, a very loyal heart beats for those whom we care about. Many an argument can be parlayed into a passionate rumble instead. This is a great time to step into your courage if you are single; be seen, wear bright, regal clothing and let loose your inner lion!

Note: Venus’ retrograde cycle starts July 22nd and will take her back into Cancer August 6th. She will return to Leo 10/1-11/2).

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