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Stars this Week (7/31-8/6): Dharma & Karma (Truth & Action)

The week begins with the Moon in Uttarashada nakshatra, moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn. You can feel the earth underneath your feet, bringing your beliefs to fruition. Our Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on August 1st in the morning here in Hawaii, making Monday night the best time to take in her glow. Time to take all the emotions, and ups and downs and channel them into something solid, that brings us towards security. With so many planets stacked in Leo it may be difficult to humble ourselves enough to do the work, but do it we must. To know more about this Full Moon in Shravana, check out the report & video!

On the 2nd the Moon transits into Aquarius and joins its ruler Saturn. Humility will be reining king! All of our pent-up fear and pressure is creating some internal doubt, but right across the way we have courage, desire and bold words being expressed despite our deepest fears.

On the 4th the Moon moves into Pisces and we begin to remember our true nature and how connected with are to everything and everyone. We may start to feel some agitation on the 5th, when the Moon moves into Mars’ 8th house gaze and we see where we can throw caution to the wind and start some fires.

On the 6th the Moon moves into Aries, joining Rahu first then Jupiter. We may see things differently than they appear and regret some actions later when our judgement feels more clear. Try to take some extra time before starting something new.

Have a Blessed Week!

Want to know how this week is running for you and yours specifically? Head to the Forecast for all 12 Signs!

Want to take a deeper dive into your own chart, tendencies and transits? Book a Reading!

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