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Stars this Week (7/3-7/9): Working for the Dream

This week begins with our Full Moon in Sagittarius (see full report here). The Moon moves into Capricorn July 4th, bringing a note of sobriety to the festivities of sovereignty in America. Note that true freedom can only be found in your mind. Venus is across the way, at the end of Cancer, giving us the feeling we do more for others than they do for us and with Mercury combust the Sun, we may not feel heard.

On July 6th, the Moon joins Saturn in his other sign of Aquarius and we may really start to feel some depression or sadness, even as we are riding the wave of hope and optimism that our Full Moon brought on Monday. This is an opportunity to feel into what is real and practical, within your ideals and dreams.

On the 7th, Venus joins Mars in Leo, giving us a little more fire in our relationships. While we will move out of much of our victim consciousness, we also want to be careful of the bridges we burn when we become so high and mighty.

On the 8th, it’s time to dream again, but now in a more seamless, watery way. Emotions can be high, but we are less likely to feel attached to them and more likely to find the higher truth above everything we are experiencing. It’s circling back to where the week began, but in a more surrendered and less dogmatic way.

Have a Blessed Week!

To find out how this week will fare for you specifically, check out the Forecast for all 12 Signs!

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