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Stars this Week (7/24-7/30): Beauty & the Beliefs

This week begins with the Moon in the last star of Virgo, and first star of Libra, Chitra. Chitra is the gem, the brilliant or shining one and shows us where the meticulous earth energy of Virgo moves into the beauty and relational awareness of Libra. Ruled by the divine architect Tvastar, here we are able to create structures and systems that bring people together. With the south node Ketu still in Libra, and the ruler, Venus, freshly retrograde in Leo and still joined Mars, we are likely reviewing what it truly means to be harmonious with others. It is not pandering to other’s or people pleasing, we have learned over the last year, but it is also not setting ultimatums and demands that others must bow to. Mercury is moving today into Leo too, so be mindful of moving from weepy communication to throwing out big words that pack a roar!

On the 27th, the Moon transits into her most challenging place in early degrees Scorpio, where we feel the pain of loss before we even experience it. Knowing that something bad might be coming is almost worse than it actually happening and so we sting first. Ouch! With the ruler Mars giving his 4th house drishti onto this Moon, we may feel a bit more courage and willingness to fight not just with others, but with our own inner demons.

On the morning/afternoon of the 29th, the Moon transits into Sagittarius for the weekend, starting in the star of Mula “the root”. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when you discover some places that need to change. On Sunday, she transits into Purva Ashada, bringing optimism and hope to our heart and a desire to nurture new seeds of lasting truth. With a one way gaze from the ruler, Jupiter, joined Rahu nine houses away, we are receiving the cosmic downloads but have to be aware we could be muddling the messages with our strong beliefs.

Have a blessed week! If you want to know how this week is running for you specifically, check out the Forecast for all 12 Signs!

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