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Stars this Week (7/17-7/23): The Juxtaposition of the Journey

The week began with our New Moon in Cancer on the 17th (you can check out the New Moon report). The Moon remains in Cancer until the evening of the 19th (HT) before joining Venus and Mars in Leo. This is the leap from water to fire, where we are attached to our feelings and then have to move into a space of courage and leadership, with nothing to bridge the gap. While in Magha, we are asked to take the time to tune into our predecessors and receive wisdom from those that walked before us. This is also when the moon is most close to Venus, so what brings us happiness and pleasure will also be on the mind. It is possible to get distracted in what messages we receive:)

On the 21st, we will be in Venus’ own star of Purva Phalguni, where pleasure and delight reign king, and now our mind will be more closely joined to Mars, showing us where we need to maintain our discipline and sovereignty in our relations with others and also creating some fiery passion.

The 22nd, the Moon rides the star of Uttara Phalguni from Leo to Virgo, giving us a need to create guidelines and agreements in our relationships. For the next few days, its time to get down to the details! Notice where you might get stuck and see if you can let go a little. This is also a great time to get a massage, start a cleanse, drink herbal tea and take care of your health and purify your environment.

To find out how this week is faring for you and yours, check out the Forecast for all 12 Signs!

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