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Stars this Week (6/26-7/2): What Holds the Horizon?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The week begins with the Moon in Virgo in the star of Hasta. Manifestation abounds as we can see the sun beginning to glimmer on the horizon of where we plan to go. With the ruler in his other sign of Gemini joined the Sun itself, ten houses away, we have the chance to really step into our chosen roles and lead the way. Something in our relationship with power itself may be hiding in the shadows, so tread forward, but tune in and adjust regularly!

Tuesday our Moon is in the star of Chitra, and we are able to create structure and beauty around our dreams. Chitra takes us from Virgo into Libra, allowing us to see where what we build both physically and metaphorically allows our relationships to flourish and where there could be more harmony and grace. With the South node eclipsing our Mind and Emotions in Libra the morning of the 28th, we may feel more of what’s wrong than what’s right in our relationships themselves. Use Ketu’s skill to cut through the illusions and niceties to get to the heart of the matter, and then resolve it so you can move on with what inspires you.

Late on the 29th, the Moon crosses the bridge to Scorpio, bringing our Psyche into a place that can be tumultuous if we are not able to make friends with what lies in the dark caverns of our minds. Invite what is less than pretty to a cup of tea and see if you can find the beauty in the beast.

On the 30th, Mars moves into Leo until August 18th, and we will all feel our collective roar as we stretch our legs and step into action, after a bout of struggling with being sleepy and weepy!

July 2nd our day begins with the Moon in Sagittarius in the star of Mula, the root. This can be a chaotic uprooting of all that you have been doing, leaving gaping holes where what you thought to be true once was; or this can be a wild and free release of your hard, conditioned beliefs in order to plant new seeds more aligned with your highest ideals for the Full Moon on the 3rd…you decide!

Blessings on your week!

To Find out what lies on your own horizon this week, get Cosmically Aligned!

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