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New Moon in Mrigasira: The Quest for More

The Moon and Sun will come together in Gemini in the star of Mrigasira on June 17th at 6:36pm HT (9:36 pm PDT). Gemini is where we are funny, interested and interesting and flirtatious. Mithuna, the Sanskrit name for this sign, literally means “sex” and it is a man and woman in coitus. Mrigasira is the “Searching Star” and means “deer’s face”. Gentle, delicate and sensitive is the deer, but also curious and light on his feet. Here we may flit from place to place, searching for something beyond what we know already. This can be a deep journey of the soul where we recognize the journey is the destination, but it can also be an endless quagmire of new questions and answers that gets us nowhere. Gemini is a sign of duality. Male/Female, Auspicious/Tumultuous, Probing/Non-committal, Facts but no solid Truth. It is here that our buddhi, our intellect is able to discern fact from fiction, but it is also here that we struggle to make meaning of all of our facts. As we approach this new cycle ask yourself, “what am I searching for?” Is it out there, or is it in here? Do I need more information, or do I need to sit deeper with the information I have? READ MORE

To know what area of your life this new cycle is initiating for you, go here

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