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New Moon in Cancer: Return to the Heart

The New Moon in Cancer is at 8:32 am HT (11:32 am PDT) on Monday, July 17th. It is taking place in less than a degree of Cancer in the star Punarvasu, "Return of the Light". As we move from the realm of our mind in Gemini to the matters of our heart, we may recognize the patterns we repeat. We may feel as though we are experiencing the same things as before, but we are with new eyes and new understandings. Cancer is where we have the unconditional love of a mother to her child. Many of us need to reparent our own child self by learning to be unconditionally loving towards our adult selves.

How can we fully feel our feelings and heal so we can move on? Where do we ignore our feelings in order to be accepted and where do we use our emotions to feel connected? These are the shadows of Cancer.

In Punarvasu, we are in the aftermath of the storm and are just opening our eyes to the new dawn. Aditi, the universal mother is the deity of this star and she reminds us that whatever we put our energy towards perpetuates. Bring our attention to our heart space and everything will radiate out from there.

Mercury is joined the Sun and Moon, bringing communication from the heart. We are connective with our speech, and also may find that we are watery and emotional. Mercury is in Aslesha nakshatra, indicating that we may be tempted to use our words to manipulate the feelings of another.

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