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Mars in Leo (6/30-8/18): Remember your Roar

Mars is leaving Cancer, woo hoo!, where he was debilitated, and moving into the sign of the Lion for the next 9 weeks. If you have felt sluggish, unmotivated and a little weepy since May 10th your time to wake up your roar has arrived! This is where our courage, discipline and capacity for action are heightened and under the wing of the king. We can act on the marching orders of that which is most high and connected to Source.

The first steps out might be shaky, as we are still clinging to our emotions while we re-awaken our passion. Find some solitude and a place of meditative silence and see if you can hear the wisdom of your ancestors to set you on the right path. Get back into your daily exercise routine or spiritual practices (if you fell off) or just reinvigorate them! Step boldly into unknown territory with the courage of a lion, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way. Override your latent fears and do the thing you’ve been sitting on anyway because your moment is now! It’s an interesting time with Saturn recently retrograde across the way in Aquarius, as we may really have some fear backlogging or beneath the surface. We may also be questioning some of the commitments we have made or want to make. This can be a moment for a bold, fresh start in a new direction, realizing that the only way to know sometimes is to Do. We can think and imagine and hem and haw all we want, but ultimately until our bodies are in motion, we don’t know what exactly it will be like. Unless the consequences of wrong action are quite heavy, sometimes you have to just step into the fire and find out on your feet!

To find out how Mars in Leo will affect your life and that of those you love, go to "Mars in Leo for all 12 Rising Signs"

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