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Guru Purnima: The Light Born in Dark

On July 3rd at 1:38 am HT (4:38 am PDT), our Moon will be across from our Sun in the star of Purva Ashada in Sagittarius. This full moon is referred to as Guru Purnima because the planet Guru, aka Jupiter, rules Sagittarius and within the new moon cycle of information and discernment of facts, it is the reminder to reach for the deeper meaning and find lasting truth that sustains the test of time. It is also a celebration of one’s own Guru, as well as specific Gurus who are celebrated in this time from Buddha, to Shiva to Sage Vyasa, but as with all the Indian holidays the astrological significance cannot be separated from the myths. “Gu” is darkness, “Ru” is that which breaks. A Guru is one who breaks the darkness, by bringing us light. Dark is where it all begins, whether it is the birth of the world as we know it, or coming forth from sleep or meditation into the light of day.

Sagittarius is where we reach beyond what we already know to find wisdom in other cultures, religions, beliefs, yet bring them back into the folds of our own ideologies to either enfold or to be cast out. The specific star of Purva Ashada is one of discernment, depicted by a winnowing basket, separating kernels of gold from mere husk. Ruled by Venus, there is a desire nature here, but it is the desire to plant seeds founded in wisdom so that we might nurture them and truth might grow. This particular Moon we have a dristhi, an energetic gaze from Jupiter himself in Aries, offering us confidence in what we believe and capacity to act upon it. Rahu somewhat nearby may exaggerate for us how right we are but will also increase our impulse for action.

Mercury is in his own sign across the way, closely joined the Sun, reminding us to use our intellect in line with our faith. We may not feel totally heard by others, but it is a brilliant moment to watch, learn and listen with an objective mind and a courageous heart.

Jupiter is also giving a one-way gaze to Mars, fresh in Leo and ready to pounce in any direction the King directs. This is an important moment to really align our beliefs intelligence, and actions with our Consciousness. There will be a time in the not so far away future to reassess if we are still on the right path, but for now, set course and begin, the light is dawning.

Happy Full Moon & Guru Purnima! Look out for the video & Full Moon breakdown for each rising sign in "Cosmically Aligned" !

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