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Welcome to Freedom Sessions...

What are Freedom Sessions?

This is my latest offering, of which I feel immense excitement!


The Freedom Sessions are as much my biggest dream for my work, as they are a complete experiment that I am not at all attached to.


These unique experiences will be free in all the ways that help allow Spirit to move us both, while at the same time be a cozy space for truth and vulnerability to be unveiled.

Freedom of time: These sessions will be a more open-ended time frame with just a guesstimate as our guidepost for scheduling, which I will determine when I read your application. We will have the freedom to dive into a reading and have it take exactly as long as it needs to, without a preset time constraint built into it.


Freedom of money exchange: These sessions will be offered in gratitude and abundance and the amount of financial compensation will be up to the receiver of the session and what feels aligned in their heart. I want to receive money in honor of my service from a place of the open heart, with what feels perfect to them to offer for what they have received and are able to. I desire to give and receive from a place of abundance.

Note: I will be sharing my regular prices, so you can understand what I am usually compensated for my time. There will also be a $30 appointment charge, to prevent last minute cancellations or no-shows. If cancelled with in 24 hours of appt time it can be used for your rescheduled appointment.


Freedom of practice: The agreement will be that we are committed to the medicine of the moment, allowing what is wanting to come through to come through, rather than forcing forward an agenda that either I or the client has. Often people have a very fixed idea of what they want to talk about, or receive in terms of answers, and that is fine, but in these sessions I am looking for those who are open and  willing to depart from their attachment to a specific outcome and really receive what is meant to come through their charts at the time we are together, or as I am sitting down to record their reading.

Why am I choosing to fly so free?


I truly believe that when we allow our exchanges to be more free, we are opening up to a channel of blessings and abundance that can be multi-fold more than in the tight boundaries of what has become normal monetary and time configurations. My best experiences in receiving money from others has been when they get to choose what they are giving, and I have been blessed to receive this kind of abundance from many of my clients already!

Furthermore, there are times when the preset time limit doesn't honor the situation at hand, and we can (and often do) go over time, but it requires our schedules to permit and then it brings up the issue of them paying for more time.


I also believe that when in service to my clients, the more I can give as an open channel to what I can sense the other really needs, the more powerful the transmission.


My belief is that the conventions of commerce in practices of the spirit do not always allow us to truly fly as high as we can go. For this, I have decided to open my wings and launch Freedom Sessions!

Who are Freedom Sessions for?

These sessions are for those clients that want to go deeper with me, if they have already had a reading in the past, or for those that have been following my work for some time and trust me and the way I work and want to dive into something a little different than a normal session. I am also open to receiving people who are newer to my work, although for now there is the requirement that you be on my email list or a Patreon subscriber (free. or paid) to apply. I would like to ensure that everyone who enters this space with me has at least seen or read some of what I do and resonates.

I should mention that while these unique sessions do indeed represent my highest aligned desire and vision of my practice, this is also an experiment. While I truly hope that these sessions open up the opportunity for some people who may not be able to afford my regular pricing, that is not my goal with these.  I equally hope to have people come in who can afford more than I usually charge and are completely stoked to have this one-of-a-kind experience. I will not be choosing people based on their financial status. I will be choosing people that I feel are a good fit for these sessions based on a the things I clarify above, and I imagine I will hone my choosing practice more over the course of time. To be clear, this experiment will become quite short-lived if I am unable to justify my time spent for money received.

Feeling Free?

If you feel like you would be a good fit for one of these special sessions, please meditate upon what you wish to receive from a reading with me. I will be asking you to share this when you apply. You may want to peruse my current available offerings to get some ideas.

This can be something like "clarity", "validation", "hope", "how to move forward" and it can be in relation to a specific focus or not. It can be a specific type of reading (life path reading, relationship reading, a natal chart reading, astrocartography etc). Or it can also describe a problem or situation that you are experiencing. Maybe it is something or some way I have not thought of here and you will surprise me!

Please remember, that part of the agreement is being open to receive what is truly there in the session and in your chart, not being fixed to your idea of what you want the outcome to be.

I look forward to meeting you where you are at!

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